Total Carpentry

Over 25 years of carpentry experience

Hundreds of commercial framing projects completed

Operating Nationwide

Years of Experience

With more than 25 years of experience, TCS has seen virtually every type of construction project imaginable. Whether building one of the largest projects in America or local commercial project, TCS drives home quality and brings the project in on time. Let us assist you on your next project.

Our Mission

Our philosophy is to partner with our clients and deliver the best product to them through higher standards, hard work, and innovation.  We never stop trying to improve, we strive to adhere to the highest standards of excellence. TCS is challenged every day and every shift to do our best according to the required process/procedures and customer requirements.

We can staff and have carpentry crews on your project within 48 hours.  We will do what it takes to help you get you back on schedule.


Our managers and superintendents are familiar with the latest Building Codes and Standards, helping you avoid unnecessary problems.  We will streamline your production schedules and work hard to achieve your goals and we build lasting relationships with your team.  You can rest easy knowing we are fully insured.

Quality of Service

We provide the highest quality construction, a safe working environment, and the best customer service at competitive prices. We are dedicated to continually achieving the best quality and service. Our, quality translates into meeting our customer requirements in a consistent and efficient manner, while optimizing production.

Competitive Prices

We also provide fair and reasonable pricing that will keep you coming back for your future projects. We provide our clients with the same pricing structure from job to job.

Timely Completion

If you are trying to beat the clock to avoid liquidation damages and have hard timelines, we know how to help, have the crews and experience to solve your problems. We are that invaluable partner your company needs.


It is the policy of TCS that the safety of our workers and the public is of chief importance. The prevention of accidents and injuries takes precedence over expedience. In the conduct of our business, one of the focuses is to prevent accidents from occurring. TCS requires that all workers and subcontractors, as a condition of engagement, comply with all applicable safety regulations as listed in our safety manual.

TCS is committed to providing a safe work environment. Our goal continues to be zero accidents and strive to mitigate accidents from happening. Safety must hold the same importance as Quality and Production.


Our Health and Safety Program implements a new hire safety orientation, regular tool talk meetings, regular job inspections, and a formalized system of reporting unsafe conditions. We train our Managers, Superintendents, Workers and Subcontractors to correct unsafe conditions, and more importantly, to recognize and correct unsafe work practices.  We believe our workers are our number one asset.

Benefits of Hiring a “Safety Conscientious” Contractor

TCS employees a full-time safety officer whose sole purpose is ensuring safety on our projects. Our safety director oversees job site safety and implements job site specific fall protection plans to ensure safe work practices. As a safety conscious contractor, we can provide the following on all our job sites:

  • Provide a safe workplace
  • Provide orientation and safety training for 
    all workers before work begins
  • Job site specific fall protection plans
  • Annually review and update workplace safety rules
  • Report unsafe conditions
  • Immediately report all work-related injuries
  • Wear the required personal protective equipment
  • Abide by OSHA safety rules