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Our Services

Takeover/Supplemental Labor

We are different, we supply manage and supervised crews not individual carpenters.  TCS offers our clients skilled teams of carpentry crews with the expertise and know how to get the job complete in a timely fashion. Total Carpentry Solutions is the largest source of professional “carpentry crews” in the nation.  We will provide supervised crews to help your team complete the hardest most technical jobs fast.

Construction & Labor Resources

TCS offers all of the following services nationwide:

  • Interior Trim  
  • Wood Framing
  • Cabinet Installation
  • Metal Stud Framing
  • Siding & Exterior Trim
  • Punch
  • All Carpentry Needs
  • Setting Trusses
  • Setting Windows & Doors
  • House Wrap Installation

We Provide crews on these services with expert management & supervision.

New Commercial
Wood Framing

Our commercial crews have the experience and expertise to assist you with all your new wood framing needs.  We do it all, commercial framing, CLT, mass timber and panel & truss framing.  We can assist you with interior and exterior construction needs,  utilizing state of the art practices to ensure the highest quality workmanship.

Introducing TCS Luxury Estate Homes

Where Artistry Meets Expertise

At Total Carpentry Solutions, we’ve mastered the art of crafting exceptional, one-of-a-kind wood structures that define opulence and luxury. Our specialty lies in the framing of large, majestic “Estate Homes,” where attention to detail and precision are paramount.


Building a luxury estate home is no ordinary task; it requires a specialized contractor with a deep understanding of the intricacies involved. With years of experience and a wealth of knowledge, we stand ready to take on the challenge of completing the grandest and most complex luxury residences.


From the moment we break ground to the final nail, TCS Luxury Estate Homes offers a comprehensive solution. Our expert team possesses the skills and expertise needed to handle every aspect of your project. We pride ourselves on delivering craftsmanship that exceeds expectations, transforming your dream estate into a breathtaking reality.


Why choose us? Because we can do it all. Whether you have a specific vision in mind or need assistance in refining your ideas, our dedicated professionals are here to guide you through every step of the process. 


Elevate your estate home project to new heights with Total Carpentry Solutions. Experience the seamless blend of artistry and expertise as we bring your luxury home vision to life. 


Let us be the architect of your dreams; contact TCS Luxury Estate Homes today, and let’s embark on this extraordinary journey together.